Customer Testimonials

Thank you for suggesting the AirPal Spectra System. Since it was installed, we have noticed a definite difference in our home. The air seems cleaning, there is less of a musty smell, and my wife’s asthma has improved significantly. I have noticed a definite difference since this was installed. I would recommend it to anyone, especially people with chronic illnesses who have risk of respiratory infections and other respiratory problems. I admit I was skeptical, but it seems that it really does work. Keep up the good work!

Louis C., M.D

I just want you to know how very much I appreciate the dedication that you and your company gave to solving the air problem in my home.

As you know I have suffered for many years with severe allergies. They were getting to the point that I was seriously considering a move in order to restore my health. At your suggestion the Air Pal Spectra ultra violet lights were installed in the duct work after it was thoroughly cleaned. In addition, the Space Gard air cleaner was added to the furnace system.

With those measures taken I noticed dramatic results. I was taking two Claritin tablets a aday, and now take almost none; perhaps one on a day when the pollen count is high and I have been out doors a great deal. The indoor air quality has been vastly improved. It is so nice to wake up in the morning without the congestion, runny nose and general misery that I was having. I love my home and location and wanted to stay here. You have made that possible.

Thank you again, for your knowledge and excellent service. It would be my pleasure to recommend what you have to offer to anyone who has an air problem to solve.

Jean D.

I moved into this house in March. I have asthma and the breathing problems were becoming so frequent it was unbearable. I also have migraine headaches that were in check due to medication, but once in this home, they became a regular several times a week.

When your company installed the new system it made such a difference it is totally unbelievable. The headaches stopped completely and the breathing problems are gone. The difference in the quality of air is evident throughout my home. (I love it so much and feel so good I do not want to leave here to go out at all.)

I know I still have to live in the real world and go to places that I have these problems again, but the end results are when I go home, they disappear.

Thank you so much for introducing me to a better life through this wonderful system.

Joyce R.

We purchased the AirPal right after our third child was born. Our first child has allergies. He sometimes has a hard time breathing when the allergy index is high. We have not noticed any of these problems since we installed the AirPal. This gives us added reassurance with the new baby at home. Another reason we purchased the AirPal was to help keep our home smelling fresh. We have two dogs. Anyone who has dogs knows that they can create an odor when they are in the house. Since we have been using our AirPal we have not noticed the dog odor. I would recommend the AirPal to anyone who might have similar concerns.

Jeff B.

I purchased two Air Pal Spectras, one for each state. I work for Oliver Heating and Cooling and we have 16 people who work inside. We have had our share of upper respiratory problems and sinus infections.

I did not tell anyone in the office what I had installed inside the duct work. There has been a significant decrease in respiratory and sinus infections.

Thank you very much for a great product.

Camille M.

Since the AirPal Spectra was installed it is most effective. Previously I suffered with allergies and many other breathing problems. Now I have no suffering with these problems.

I would strongly recommend this system to anyone with such problems. This applies to any ages of persons involved.

AAA Northgate have introduced this system to me and I am happy that they did.

Thanks to AirPal, I sleep better each night because my husband snores less!!! He has always had problems with his breathing at night but since we installed the unit, he breathes and sleeps better. In addition to sleeping better, it’s really amazing how much cleaner the air in the house smells. The unit seems to elimiate cooking odors almost immediately.

I have told several of my friends and family members about the unit, and I know that when they try it, they will be as impressed with it as we are!

Pat P.