AirPal Spectra™ Replacement Bulbs


Either ozone or standard germicidal bulbs will work with your AirPal power pack. Bulbs are rated for 9000 hours of continuous use, about 1 year. For maximum protection they should be replaced on a yearly basis.

Choose from standard germicidal or odor-reducing ozone bulbs. If you have an ozone set the word ozone will be on one of the two bulbs.

Price is for ONE PAIR of bulbs.

How to identify which type of bulbs you have:

The Ozone model ( 2200 LO ) has 1 ozone producing bulb (yellow tip) and 1 standard germicidal bulb (white tip), in addition to the yellow tip the ozone bulb may also have the number M1-C4-03 on the bulb with the word “ozone”.

The standard germicidal set (2000 L ) has the number M1-C4-01 on both bulbs (white tips).

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 5 × 3 in