Independent Test Results

AirPal Test: Pre and 2 week Post installation

The AirPal Spectra™ was tested in 17 case studies by Environmental Compliance Solutions of Troy, MI

After a 2-week period, the AirPal Spectra™ reduced airborne fungi (mold) and bacteria to an average level of 2.6 colony forming units (CFU’s) – an 84% reduction. Levels above 6 CFU’s are typically considered unhealthy.

Sampling Method: Culture plate attached to supply register for 15 minutes with blower on.

Environmental Compliance Solutions, an independent environmental and safety consulting company located in Troy, MI tested the AirPal Spectra’s lights (non-ozone) in residential air ducts. After a six week period, total fungi (mold) in the air was reduced from over 600 CFU/Cubic Meter to less than 60 CFU/Cubic Meter – a reduction of more than 90%. (CFU’s are colony forming units)

After six weeks, levels did go up slightly, but then remained constant for the 20-week test period at approximately 100 CFU/Cubic Meter. According to environmental standards, the recommended level for healthy indoor environments is 200 CFU/Cubic Meter or less.

The study was conducted in an actual residential environment. Samples were collected in petri dishes on a regular basis in the kitchen and bedroom to measure the fungi levels.