Germs & UVC Light

UVC lighting has been used for air purification purposes for over 40 years. General Electric and Westinghouse Electric tested and utilized air purifier technology.

Today germicidal UVC lights are used for air purification in:

  • Hospitals
  • Commercial buildings
  • Food processing plants

We have developed the AirPal Spectra™ air purifier by applying proven UVC Light air purification technology with state-of-the-art design engineering for a safe and effective unit for home use.

The AirPal Spectra Air Purifier has germicidal lamps which are designed to deliver as much energy as possible at 2537 Angstrom Units. This produces maximum germicidal air purification effectiveness.

The UVC light air purifier destroys the microbes by being absorbed by the proteins within the bacteria or virus. The absorption prevents the microbe from reproducing and so it is effectively destroyed. This process is called air purification through UVC light.

The AirPal Spectra™ air purifier is designed to reduce or eliminate the germs that are circulated by your heating/air conditioning system that cause illness and allergies.

We have taken proven UVC light air purification technology and designed effective and safe, state-of-the-art products that are unsurpassed.

Special consideration has gone into our designs to ensure that no human exposure to the UVC light is possible when properly installed and maintained by your heating contractor. With our patented cartridge design, the lamps are deactivated when detached from the main housing.

The AirPal Spectra™ air purifier rids your air of many of those bioaerosols that can cause illness and allergies. The air purification process is completely natural and environmentally friendly as no chemicals are used.